Letting him go was the best thing for her
To set herself free, and learn to just be
Blindsided in love, she couldn’t see
But her glasses are sheer now, her visions clear now
Some nights were still wasted drowning in memories of him
And wishing on rising stars that his words would be true
Here today, gone tomorrow
Should’ve known by now
Smiling face, soul hollow
All he could ever do was fill her with sorrow
Heart already broken, he toyed with her emotions
Tried to make her like him, but couldn’t strip her devotion
Forgiven but not forgotten
She locked his memories in a coffin
She let go of him and her regret
Even though the time she invested in him now had her deep in debt
But he would pay later, of this she was sure
She let him go, no more heart ache to endure


Out of all their differences
One of them was him being a teetotal and she an alcoholic
Being sober was his preference
While she drank to appear platonic
She slurped the wine quickly
And he kissed her slowly
She drank to hide her feelings
He was high sans consuming
Wine from her lips, he was just having a good time
His tongue for her was more desirable than any wine
Crossing all lines,increased dopamine
He told her, “Darling, you are only mine”
Her gut knew he didn’t mean it
But her heart made her believe it
So she kissed him profusely as cupid struck his arrow, she couldn’t retrieve it



My heart aches when I see you with someone that’s not me
Then again I know I’m thinking bout something that’s never going to be
You never leave my mind
Yet if you asked me if I love you? I’ll politely decline
Holding my heart while you hold another hand
You played your part, but you still don’t understand
Never prayed for you but you were an uncalled blessing
Time to pay penance for feelings I didn’t intend messing
She’s your 24×7 and I’m the weekend
Whether it’s you or the routine, I don’t want this to end
I’m not scared of falling,I’m afraid of this feeling
But feelings never come with a warning,they don’t even need installing
I wish I could make these feelings go away but that’s the dead people’s way
This heart ache is here to stay and nothing can come in its way


When I say I’ll think about it
It means I’ve already gone over it
Even before you mentioned it
The situations been in my head
Specially when I’m in bed
Already overthought,over analyzed
Pictured in my mind a thousand times
But I’ll still answer tomorrow
Cause I still need to give it “some thought”
It’s not that complicated
But my thoughts suffocate me
It’s a ruckus in my head
My mindcontrol is dead
I should be sleeping
But I’m writing this instead
Tried listening to loud music
To stop the noise inside
But my thoughts flow faster
My mind is it’s own master
Tried to sleep on time
Instead of being online
Wondering if I should text them first?
Overthinking’s the worst
It’s 4 am
My brain is under strain
Am I going insane?
I’ve only got myself to blame!
The anxiety is unbearable
The thoughts are unexpainable
As fear paralyzes my mind
Every bad memory playing back in rewind
I’m overly cautious about all my moves
Feeling slightly nautious alone in my room
Why doesn’t it stop?
Why am I like this?
I want to stop thinking but I’d have to give it a thought